Executive briefings

Posted on 04/20/2021 @ 11:05am by Commodore Jonathan Holden & Commander Lwaxana Kell

Mission: Prelude: A journey hard won.
Location: Captain's ready room
Timeline: Mission Day 1 09.00

After he met with dr Tara, he quickly headed to his quarters, took a shower and put on a fresh uniform. He took out a protein bar and ate it before heading to his office.

He looked at the clock, it was a few minutes to nine, so he poured himself some coffee and took out the PADD holding Commander Kell's information. He knew most of it, as he had studied the woman before selecting her for the mission, but double-checking never hurt anyone.

Lwaxana entered the room. It was weird walking around a ship that was at once filled with people, and without its crew. Most of the staff would come in over the next few days but seeing the bridge devoid of staff was unusual, to say the least. She entered the office and smiled as she saluted. "Commander Lwaxana Kell reporting for duty, sir!"

"Commander, welcome aboard, please have a seat," Jonathan said as he pointed toward the chair opposite his desk. For a moment he was stricken by the absolute beauty of the woman, with the long brown hair and gorgeous all-black eyes, before he turned his mind back to business. "I'm really glad you accepted the position, and I'm really looking forward to working with you. But I have to ask, what made you accept a mission like this?"

Lwaxana looked down for a few seconds, her cheeks reddening slightly. She hadn't been actively scanning for his thoughts or emotions, but they'd come through regardless. And though they were of course inappropriate, she wasn't sure they were wholly unwanted. She looked back at the Commodore, "Well, you were one of the reasons actually. In fact, you were one of the reasons I joined Starfleet. The assault on the capitol building, after that I wanted to join the fleet to keep my planet and the Federation safe. And when I was informed of this mission, I knew this would be my big chance." She sat down and looked at the older man. "Then when I heard you'd be my C.O. I immediately applied."

Now it was Jonathan's time to blush, though it was less obvious on his dark skin. "I just did what any officer in my position would have done. I never really felt I deserved a medal or promotion for it. But if it inspired you, I'm glad." It was a little weird, he hadn't ever spoken to a Betazoid about the incident since the war ended, and Lwaxana was definitely quite a fan. But there was something else there. Something he didn't need telepathy to notice.

"I'd like you to go over the staffing logs, see if there are any gaps that we need to fill before we go through the wormhole. And also, I'd like your input on the new procedurals. Perhaps we can discuss your findings tonight, a working dinner maybe?"

He looked at her expectantly.

Lwaxana was taken aback, not by the assignments, she'd already started on both, as they were standard duties for an Executive officer, but by the Commodore's suggestion of dinner. It made sense in a way. His schedule was jam-packed for the day, and so was hers, and tomorrow didn't look any better. So she nodded. "Yes, would you like to meet at the officer's mess or in your private dining room?" She asked, wondering why she was hoping for the latter.

Jonathan looked at her and smiled. "The mess might be a bit crowded to work indeed, very good point." He had forgotten that he had a private dining room, as he'd never had one before, but it seemed like a logical plan. They'd be able to talk more privately there, and not be disturbed by staff.

"I'll see you in the Captain's dining room at let's say seven-thirty tonight?"

Lwaxana nodded as she stood up and headed to the door, as she turned away from him, a big smile appeared on her face, though she couldn't quite figure out why. Anyway, on to today's work. Staffing and mission security.

Jonathan saw Lwaxana walk away, and in his mind couldn't help but wonder if what he'd felt were real or just wishful thinking. Either way, he'd better be very careful, they'd be stuck together on this ship for a very long time.