Simple Goodbyes

Posted on 04/23/2021 @ 7:21am by Lieutenant T'Pel

"You are determined in this course of action," spoke Suval to his daughter over the subspace transmission as T'Pel sat the desk of her new quarters.

"I am, Father. The distance and the duration of the mission will have difficulties. But our distance from one another will not lessen the attachment I have for you and Mother," she told her Father.

"Your mother and I will await your transmissions as they arrive. Live long and prosper, my daughter," her father said raising his hand up in the traditional goodbye.

"Live long and prosper, Father," she responded and the transmission ended.

T'Pel stared at the black screen of her computer for several moments before rising up from her desk and going to her bed to unpack her belongings. The ship was unlike any Vulcan vessel. She had never had this spacious of quarters as a junior officer in her days with the Vulcan fleet. Even as a senior officer, her quarters were barely larger than these on board the Amsterdam.

T'Pel methodically unpacked her clothes and placed them neatly into drawers and then unpacked several personal items to decorate her quarters after her meeting with the Captain.

Until then, after packing she took a seat on the floor by the coffee table and lit a candle. She brought her hands together to being one of her daily meditations.