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First day on active duty

Posted on 04/18/2021 @ 2:56pm by Ensign Yen Sisahnaa

Ensign Yen on duty!

Well, that would have been if it was my choice. Unfortunately Starfleet somehow has this idea of using 'Ensign Sisahnaa', which is way worse than 'Big Green Yen', as my peers at the Academy call me.

Well, what can I say, even for an Orion girl, I really got accepted. It must be partially at least from the Vulcan meditations that help me keep calm and cool in most situations, thus with careful diet I did not got into too much sticky ones. Well, except when I am training, - for when I have my special deodorant (more like a full body spray) that should do the trick and keep my body odor become too distracting.

Even I can't help it, after a good workout, other girls do get a headache if I stay too close to them, even if all I want is get really close to some of them when I am hot like that... But at least in the rare cases I am in a group exercise, my group always seem to have an abundance of adrenalin going for us.

Woe, woe! It is hard to be openly bisexual, when most girls complain (about headache) and their moans are not the good kind... and the men get all agressive... delusional boyfriends are not good for anything else than to direct them with suggestions. It does get boring after some time.

So, vulcan style meditation is really useful.

Back to what happened today! I had to stand on guard at the physical entrance to a Starship! In an age of transporters and shuttles, when barely anyone used the boarding door.

Boring! So, obviously, I was mostly meditating. Asking for the last wave of engineers and shipwrights for their passes, meeting the rare birds of future shipmates who arrived early, and was not already working inside.

In this case a young looking Denobulan woman who was known to me from a party, climbing like a gekko next to me... Well, it was not like we was the only two who climbed up the cliff to jump into the water. Not that I remember her jumping down along me, but she definitely looks good in medical uniform when taking care of my unfortunate accidents...

Sadly, she seems to get bored of me quite easily. At least now I know what someone from her race does and why ... I did get a surprise from her today, wouldn't call it a scare as she was not frightening, but I did get my first real look at a Denobulan's tongue... Girl! What you are missing out on... With my flexibility, that tongue would be my success to the yoga position Honey Jar...


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