Stardate 66296

Posted on 04/18/2021 @ 1:57pm by Lieutenant Tara
Edited on 04/18/2021 @ 10:15pm

Getting assigned to the USS Amsterdam came as a pleasant surprise. With my thesis in using Borg nanotechnology to genetically recreate the assimilated parts of the host body, -basically un-assimilate anybody -, was not a clear success. Somehow Starfleet seemed to want the remains of the Borg parts gone and not just turn them into a better facsimile of the original ones.

Yes, of course the Federation still seemed to be against genetic manipulation, even if us Denobulans - and some other races we encountered -, was using it successfully. Strangely enough it was considered agreable when it was about gene-lifting a whole race... Maybe it was considered cultural, just like the various faiths, causing no discrimination...

But I digress. This new log was supposed to be about the new part of my life onboard the newly modified Intrepid class ship called the Amsterdam. I did looked it up. It is an Earthling city of old, originating as a small fishing village in the late 12th century Earth, Amsterdam became one of the most important ports in the world during the Dutch Golden Age of the 17th century, and became the leading centre for finance and trade.

No surprise that thirteen ships of the Dutch East India Company took this name... and with the need to have only one same named ship running the seas on the developing planet, that meant that in a 200 year period, the believed largest company to ever have existed in Earth's pre-contact history had built and lost thirteen of them... Not even counting all the possible other ones.

Again, I am writing about the name of the ship, and the past, when the present is where we live! And the future, I hope so...

With one of the youngest Commodore's, who served as Commander XO of the USS Magellan where he was Security on the same ship before that - and had just redacted information about where he was as a Captain. I could understand why he became a Commodore, after reading about the USS Magellan and our main objective, but did they miss the part where he was supposed to have more than one ship under his command? Well, maybe they already counted on the diplomatic base we should be equipped to build somewhere in the Gamma quadrant...

Of course I read our main objective, and all it could be known about my new assignment, before I officially said yes. But knowing that I was suitable for this long term mission was putting a smile on my face. A very big, wide smile, that other humanoids sometimes found creepy...

And I agreed, wanting to follow in my grandpa Phlox's footsteps. The first sign that it could be hard was green. Or more like Big Green, the security who welcomed me at the shipyards. I still moan when I remember her... A well exercised Orion woman, who makes everyone excited - or in medical terms, their body aroused in a not always sexual way - and friendly, but I just got tired from being near her. It is bad when I have to take care some small problem she developed after one of her many forms of physical workouts, and I just want to curl up and sleep... With how cold her body could be when she is calm, I found myself almost in one of my rare sleep cycles last time.

Well, I really shouldn't have tried to show her that climbing cliffs when on an Academy beach party was not that hard. Of course I cheated, I am a nice lizard by birth...

So, today I was walking there, after the shuttle let us out at the Shipyard, staring at my future home, and Big Green stands in my way asking for my paperwork.

And I could feel myself start to yawn from both the memory and her pheromones, that I canfeelmy head blow up - literally. It is a rare sight, and best known as a reaction for danger for us Denobulans, and Big Green as a trained security is looking around where is the danger... I couldn't keep it in any longer, I had to giggle too at her reaction, so when she turned back, she could only stare at my long tongue hanging out... And I would blush if I would from knowing where her thoughts had gone.

It is interesting seeing someone getting more green with envy.