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Ensign Yen Sisahnaa

Name Yen Big Green Sisahnaa

Position Security Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Orion
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 157
Hair Color green colored black
Eye Color dark green
Physical Description Tall, slender, green skin, aquiline nose and sharp chin.


Spouse -
Children -
Father -
Mother Enu Sisahna
Brother(s) -
Sister(s) -
Other Family -

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Physically stronger than most other humanoid (save Vulcans), increased endurance, copper blood and chlorophyll in skin cells, stabilized against radiation, slover metabolic ratios from that of a human, and a lower body temperature.
Only need a number of short sleeps, instead of one long one.
Natural skin oils tend to smell distinctively but not unpleasant, laden with pheromones. Long, sharp nails usable as weapon.
Ambitions Get more, feel more, show more, care and love more - as in show loyalty and leadership, while being 'cool'.
Hobbies & Interests Nature and survival. Plants and animals - for eating. Exobiology - how to cause damage by blunt, pointy, and edged weapons.

Personal History Yen was born to a noble Orion family on her mother's side, but her father was a criminal - at least in the eyes of Federation authorities. Her father died for the Orion Syndicate, so they financially supported her, seeing that her mother would never accept it.

Yen was born too early, so her mother always fed her extra. No wonder she got big in every way... Realising that she was overweight, she started a serious physical regimen. Learning all about plants and animals and how to get her own food lead her to be a little bit of a wild child, but her interest in other worlds healthy food got her to join a Vulcan cultural anthropologist when she returned to the federation from Orion Space.

That it was also Yen's job by the Syndicate to spy on her, as they thought she was a Starfleet Intelligence officer was a whole different thing.

Also, Yen was deceptive enough to send the right kind of information back to let her stay with the Vulcan scientist longer, and to get both of them off the planet and away from Orion space.

That was something the Vulcan also realised, even if she was not a Starfleet Intelligence officer... The pair also had some adventurous time with being late to leave, and not able to get back to Vulcan on time for her Pon Farr... They mostly fought.

But Vulcan was not the right place for an Orion, so she got to see and learn more about other planets, and races... While her mentor would have liked Yen to become a scientist herself, the Big Green aced her hand to hand classes and somehow became the protector of the weak classmates of hers in the Academy.

While still finishing Zoology and Exobiology as her majors in the Academy, she was much more capable in survival strategies and sports - namely decathlon. With her other studies not good enough for a stable scientific career, she was just the right kind of Security personnel that the scientist of her Academy years wanted.
Service Record Because she was a little late to get into the Academy, and took one or two too many years to finish her chosen majors, Yen is still a 'fresh' Ensign out of the Academy.